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At some point in everyone’s life there comes an energetic wave of…

Like everyone else, I have had my share of ups and downs and have overcome several hurdles in my life. These events shattered me and at the same time brought tremendous growth. Above all it taught me who I truly am and that no matter what…to never stop loving and to be grateful for all that I have.

We are never really sorted in our lives. Life happens! And we sort things out as they come by. Isn't it?

With ample experience in various domains and at different capacities in the corporate world, I can get to the depths of understanding what people really want in this seemingly complicated life. This is why I empower my clients to live a holistic life by integrating their Mind, Body, and Soul.

We can’t control the world. We can control how we respond to it.

For an ideal life – our Mind, Body, and Soul must be in sync – like one unit. It’s essential that we take care of and understand all three for the right balance. A holistic approach encompasses a positive mindset, sustainable lifestyle, and a healthy ‘being’ with a spiritual lean.

What Next?

It’s during our low periods when we fight our toughest battles. We are all warriors in our own way. The lean times come with their own set of lessons. It takes a keen eye and positive mindset in order to change. The problem is we can start to drown in the pressures of life. Pain, grief, and a dip in confidence that isn’t expressed with someone who has been there, keeps us feeling stuck. We begin to think this is who we are, and there is nothing further than the truth.

So, what’s your story? Let me listen ..

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I wanted to get back to work after a break of 5 years . It was not easy as there were a lot of questions and confusions. I sought help from Bhavana on how to go about my career and she guided me perfectly in me choosing what I felt was right for me. She understood my interests & limitations and adviced accordingly. Thank you for helping and guiding me to restart my career.

Akila P

IT Professional turned homemaker turned freelancer.

Bhavana made me feel comfortable and heard me out patiently. I felt more confident about myself. Later she helped me find the answers to all my questions and issues. Thanks for making me find myself again - To be confident and strong than ever before!

Anupama Ramakrishna

Team lead, Accenture

It was a great experience working with bhavana. I needed help with my resume for applying for master's course, but to find the correct resume for me from the number of templates and formats was insurmountable. But then bhavana helped me get the resume up to the professional standard without any hassle. Thank you so much for the help, would recommend to anyone.

Vinay Bharadwaj

Student, University of Bonn, Germany

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"Soham" (so 'ham सो ऽहम)


The Universe exists in me, as much as I exist in the Universe.

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